Mice Dissolve in Mountain Dew

 Have you ever heard of a person trying to sue a big-name corporation for something strange in the hope of getting some money from them? Well, something crazier than this case is difficult to find.

A man from the US attempted to sue Pepsi by saying he found a mouse in his Mountain Dew bottle. You might think they 'd just settle out of court and offer him a small amount of money to go away, but Pepsi 's ideas were different.

Ultimately, the man lost his case in court and all this was thanks to Pepsi showing that his claims were simply not possible.

To do this they showed that within 30 days a bottle of Mountain Dew would dissolve a mouse. Yeah, they did actually go ahead and prove that in a court. They also showed that the man had purchased the bottle 74 days after it was manufactured, so it was impossible to have a mouse in his bottle there.

You have to admit this is quite impressive, but at the same time, it makes you wonder what might have been in the bottle that has now simply dissolved in the liquid.

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