20 Simple Life Hack Everyone Should Know


Simple life hacks, you can learn to do it in about 15 minutes or less and save a lot of time. You'll be amazed by what you learn.

1. Sometimes changing your pillowcase daily can help with acne. I use a clean t-shirt over my pillow to accomplish the same effect.

2. If you want to wear something white/ light in color, wear underwear that matches the color of your skin, or light gray, not white. It hides better under white than white does.

3. Read the three and four-star reviews for the most reliable information on Amazon items. And 2-star reviews for books. Seeing what people dislike tells much. Try on your favorite to see.

4. Honey does not go bad, if it has gone solid it has just crystallized and can become liquid again with just a little heat. Put the container of solidified honey in a container of hot water.

5. If you accidentally have caps lock on, instead of deleting it and starting over, you can highlight the caps and hit shift & F3 to switch it back to lowercase. Alt + f4 also helps remove the errors.

6. To confirm which circuit breaker is associated to an outlet, plug in an old radio and turn the volume up before you flip the circuit breaker. You can also do this with a vacuum or hairdryer.

7. If you put something down temporarily, say out loud, "I've put the screwdriver by the microwave" or whatever. This engages many more areas of the brain (particularly the language centers) which creates a richer memory, making it less likely you'll forget where you put it.

8. When moving house, always set up your bedroom and make the bed first, so when you're exhausted and just had enough you can fall into bed. Nothing worse than being exhausted and having to make the bed before getting into it.

9. If there's a jar or container you can't open, run the lid under hot water for a 30sec. Dry it so you can get a good grip, then open. Never had this not work.

10. When you’re in a group of people, and they start laughing, see who looks at each other. People look at the people they feel closest to when laughing.

11. When you're cooking and the recipe calls for onions and garlic, don't put the garlic into the pan until the onion is nearly translucent. Garlic cooks way faster than onions do, if you throw them in at the same time it won't taste as good/the garlic will burn. It literally takes 30 seconds for minced garlic to cook.

12. Add a bit of vinegar to your beans if you're making anything beany, a lot of home cooks think that vinegar is gross, but a dash of vinegar can really make beans, sauces, and marinades pop.

13. If you bring something to someone’s house that you don’t want to forget, put your keys with it, assuming you can trust the people there. Also, get a Tile or similar Bluetooth device, so you never lose your keys or phone again.

14. Regularly change the oil in your car. On-time. This will help it last longer.

15. If you have a spare minute or are just playing video games or on a computer at home, take a few minutes to just pet your dog or cat and really appreciate them. A phrase I heard somewhere just really stuck with me: Pets are only a part of your life, but you are your pet’s entire life.

16. As soon as you wake-up, drink two pints of water (about 1 liter). It will wake you up like caffeine and get you pooping in about 30-45 minutes, like clockwork.

17. Brush your teeth more thoroughly before bed after you are done eating and drinking for the day. Morning brushing is important too, but more so for fresh breath, while evening cleaning will prevent bacteria from breeding and damaging your teeth and gums.

18. Whenever you have time to be somewhere, aim to be there 15 minutes early, to allow for 'time snags' or for traffic.

19. Get into a routine of stretching your hip flexors and chest if you sit for long periods. Absolute game-changer for people who suffer from chronic lower back pain as a result of being hunched over a desk.

20. The easiest way to remove blood stains is to use bar soap and hand-wash it. This works better than using laundry detergent.

21. If you have trouble choosing, flip a coin. While you're waiting to get the result, your mind automatically starts to wish for what it wants. Then you can choose easily.

22. 5 minutes of daily exercise is infinitely better than 0 minutes and will make a big difference.

Bonus. Putting your Oreos in the fridge makes them taste far better than room temperature Oreos.

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