30 tricks in bed that everyone should know

tricks in bed that everyone should know

One thing we know for sure is that a good night's sleep is essential for well-being, There are a lot of ways to relax and sleep well and this blog will focus on these ways.  

Here's a summary of 30 tricks in bed that you should know.

1. Switching the direction you lay in the bed makes it feel like a new bed.

2. If you sleep in a big bed alone, switch sides every once in a while, or sleep in the middle. Sometimes your brain is conditioned to think you have less room than you really do.

    Note: If you sleep in a big bed all alone, make sure to spread your arms and legs and take as much space as possible to keep the ghosts from joining you in bed.

3. Don't work from your bed if you're working from home. Separating your workspace from relaxation space will help you be more productive when you're working and disengage from work when you're done.

4. Stick one foot outside the duvet. Keeps you remarkably cooler, and shows you laugh in the face of monsters.

5. Don't eat ANYTHING in bed. No matter how neat of an eater you are, you will always leave crumbs/stains/bits of food/drink in there.

6. You tend to sleep better when the room is a bit colder than normal. Put your thermostat down a few degrees, not only will you sleep better, but you’ll save on heating bills in the wintertime if you live in a colder climate.

7. If you fall backwards onto the bed and lift your legs, you can turn the momentum into a little backwards roll which looks pretty cool.

8. Progressive muscle relaxation: Start relaxing your feet, then your calves and thighs. Move upwards and relax your back muscles, your arms and shoulders. Take some deep breaths. Relax your neck muscles and jawline. You will fall asleep in peace.

9. If you make your twin beds into bunk beds there is so much room for activities.

10. Buy a comforter one size bigger than your bed. For example, if you have a queen-size bed, get a king-size comforter. Also, if you sleep with someone else, buy two blankets. It will make an incredible difference in the quality of your sleep.

11. Turn the pillow upside down when it’s hot. Or get a buckwheat pillow and it will always be cool.

12. Tuck the most inaccessible corner first when changing the sheets.

13. If you have large thighs and sleep on your side, get a pillow for your knees. It will support them better.

14. Change your bedsheets. Having a clean bedsheet really changes the ambience.

15. Putting your phone down at least half an hour before bed to ensure a good night's sleep.

16. Nothing you ever do in bed will feel as good as taking a bath and sliding into a fresh set of sheets. This keeps depression at bay.

17. If your mattress is old and starting to feel uncomfortable, instead of replacing it, buy a $100 mattress topper. It can make your mattress feel new again and give you a few more years of use before you need to replace it.

18. Have at least 3 layers over you when it's cold. Just like clothing, layering your bedding makes it easier to get and stay warm. And you can easily remove single layers if you get too warm.

19. If you have a fan on low, even if it's not pointed at you, it can create the kind of noise that prevents you from hearing every little house click and thing happening outside.

20. Laying on your left promotes digestion as gravity moves food through and cuts down on heartburn.

21. Putting one arm under the pillow makes it more comfortable.

22. Get an electric blanket and tuck it under your fitted sheet. Use the controls to preheat your bed on cold nights.

23. Don't watch TV right before trying to go to sleep. Listen to music or read a book. Your mind needs less sensory input to be lulled to sleep.

24. If you've ever wondered when's a good time to wash your sheets, at the very least once a week. An extra fabric softener will also treat your body nice when you got to bed.

25. Building a pillow fort around you surprisingly makes you feel a lot more comfortable while sleeping.

26. Drinking green tea 2 hours before bedtime can lead to a night of better and easier sleep.

27. Wash your pillowcases regularly. Doing this could also prevent blemishes on your face from sleeping on a dirty pillowcase.

28. Clean the bottom of your feet before you hop in. even if you just took a shower.

29. Keeping your alarm on the other side of the room really kickstarts your day.

30. Prop a pillow between your knees if you sleep on your side. It works wonders for the spine.

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