40 Interesting websites that you never knew existed


Here are some websites that you might not have heard of but are in fact very interesting and useful.

1. oldgamesdownload.com

This website has every single pc game from the 70s,80's,90's till the early 2000s. I've found so many lost games there you actually couldn't imagine. The amazing part? It has step by step instructions for every game that you want to download and it's FREE! There is a search tab too, so don't worry, you won't have to search for hours for that 1 game that you played in your childhood.

2. bestsimilar.com

You watched a movie that you loved? With this website, you can input a film and it'll give you similar ones. You can also get movies that fall into one same category.

Also, TasteDive which can recommend you similar music, movies, TV shows, books, and other media.

3. classicreload.com

This website has over 6000+ Old DOS/Windows and Console games preserved for future generations. The website is free to use and the games can be played directly through the browser.

4. radiooooo.com and radio.garden

With radiooooo you can listen to music from all over the world and from any time since the 1900s, and with radio.garden you can tune in any radio from any place live.

5. petittube.com or incognitube.com

petittube/incognitube Only plays videos from YouTube that have less than 100 views. Really fun if you wanna go down the obscure rabbit hole on YouTube.

6. Playemulator.com

Playemulator.com has almost every game from the NES era to the NDS era. Most of the Pokemon games, the good sonic games, several N64 classics, and countless hidden gems.

7. My 90s TV 

This is a fun, novelty website where you can easily lose yourself for hours with nostalgia. Basically, it uses YouTube videos to simulate watching TV in the 90s and allows you to specify the year you want, along with what categories you want to see when you change channels.

There is also a My 80s TV  and a My 70s TV

8. bash.org

Its a text chat logs from old-school internet chatrooms. Formatted somewhat like Reddit's 'best of' - you can upvote or downvote and it only shows the top of all time.

9. Temp Mail

This website instantly gives you a new, unused e-mail.

10. windows93.net

This website offers such fun things, and most of them are miscellaneous. The trollbox is a chatbox with randoms, It has that nineties aesthetic to it that makes me wish I could have been around then to experience the technologies of that time.

11. hackertyper.net 

Hack the system like in NCIS.

12. ncase.me/trust

It's an interactive website that showcases what makes the Prisoner's Dilemma cool.

13. noclip.website

Noclip.website lets you noclip through tons of classic game maps for some good ole nostalgia.

14. thispersondoesnotexist.com

thispersondoesnotexist shows you a computer-generated image of a person every time you refresh. Sometimes there are some weird artifacts in the images, but often they look very real.

15. unlistedvideos.com

Search for unlisted YouTube videos.

16. z-lib.org

you can download almost any ebook ever for free!

17. gifprint.com

It takes a gif and makes you a printable flipbook!

18. boredbutton.com

This is the bored button. Pretty much you click the button and it sends you to a completely random website on the internet. You could get lost in a clicking loop for hours.

19. postsecret.com 

New secrets from anonymous strangers every Sunday.

20. music-map.com

Type in an artist's name and it will give you a “map” of similar artists.

21. littlesis.org

Little Sis is "an involuntary Facebook for the elite." You click a politician, donor, celeb and it shows you who are they connected to and the strength of the connection. You can get an easy picture of what donors, think tanks, and politicians are really beholden to.

22. cameronsworld.net

Is a beautiful collage of old archived GeoCities websites.

23. nationstates.net

Online nation simulator. The core of the game is pretty simple; answer multiple-choice issues that appear once every 6 hours. Depending on what you pick, the stats of your nation (everything from cheese exports to citizen rudeness) will change. The fun really starts on the forums.

24. forgotify.com

Forgotify shows you songs on Spotify, no one has ever listened to. Pretty funny and adventurous.

25. thetruesize.com

The True Size: where you get to see the true size of countries and get to drag and compare and rotate them.

26. libraryofbabel.info

It’s a website that contains every possible combination of English characters, with a search tool to find exact matches of character combinations.

27. atlasobscura.com

It’s a website where you enter any location in the world, and it shows you all the weird, unusual, or slightly less-visited sites in the area. It’s amazing if you like to travel, and they’ve got a section for food and drink too.

28. futureme.org

This Website allows you to send an email to your future self.

29. thenostalgiamachine.com

If you love music from specific years, this site is for you. You can choose a year and it gives you songs from that year.

30. physicsoftheuniverse.com

 For anyone interested in astronomy. it's really fun!

31. everynoise.com

A cool website that I'm surprised not as many people know about. Useful for finding artists similar to the ones you enjoy. Artist names are arranged 2 dimensionally where down is "more organic" and right is more "bouncy and spikey".

32. neal.fun/deep-sea

You scroll the depth of the ocean! Fascinating and kinda spooky. Includes some animals too.

33. darksitefinder.com

If you truly wanna opted out of the city and go back to nature even for a weekend and see the stars and Milky Way, this is your friend.

34. whichbook.net

Set some search parameters on what kind of book you are looking for and it will give you some suggestions.

35. musicmap.info

Music Map Has the genealogical origins of countless music genres with a few paragraphs of explanation and history on each. It also has examples for each one so you can have a listen to all kinds of cool music.

36. musclewiki.com

Muscle Wiki basically shows you the muscles of your body and the stretches and workouts to develop them. Hope it helps someone in working out.

37. lab.nstmf.org/gravity

lab.nstmf.org/gravity Lets you create your own universe. It's awesome and colorful.

38. rsoe-edis.org

This is a worldwide emergency site that looks like it's for weather and disease professionals.

39. ninjaburger.com

'Ninja Burger' - It's a fake restaurant that parodies a burger place based on ninjas. Love the website, think it's really funny. A good place to waste time.

40. howmanypeopleareinspacerightnow.com

'How Many People Are In Space Right Now?' - It gives you the exact number, basic information about the astronauts, how long they've been there, and links to their Wikipedia pages. I just think it's really interesting to think about how many people are above my head and floating around out there right now.

41. tiii.me

Calculate Your Total Time Watching Tv Shows - It does what the names say. Excellent for figuring out how long certain episodes, seasons, or shows will take. You can select specific episodes or shows too.

42. planecrashinfo.com

Pretty self-explanatory, plane crash recordings, and transcripts of people’s last words.
Note: it’s depressing.

43. forebears.io

Forebears.io lets you look up the frequency, rank, and distribution of your first or last name in the world. Really interesting to look up different names.

44. drivemeinsane.com

It's a website that allows you to interact with lights and other things on a live stream.

45. weavesilk.com

It's a neat Interactive generative art creation website

46. dood.al/pinktrombone

A quite accurate voice simulator. You basically control the desired parts (lips, tong, nose, throat...) with your mouse/fingers to form vowels and consonants and eventually some words. It's as instructive as it is funny and weird.

47. dragcave.net

It’s a community of virtual dragon keepers/owners/breeders.

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