Six Ridiculously Cool Natural Phenomena

Following are some of the Coolest natural phenomena in the world that can be observed in nature, which makes them truly unique and interesting to observe. I hope this article has helped you to discover more about the natural world that surrounds you.

1. Snow Doughnut

    Image credit: SDPB

These rare shapes are formed when a mass of snowfalls or is blown by the wind. If it manages to catch on some other snow, and gravity or wind is in its favor, then the new snowball will roll itself in exactly the same natural way we used to. In this case, the middle tends to collapse to create the shape of a doughnut.

2. Fire Rainbow 

    Image credit: Jeff Kubina from the milky way galaxy

They only occur when the sun is at least 58 degrees above the horizon when there are cirrus clouds in the sky that are filled with plate-shaped ice crystals.

3. Sundog

    Image Credit: Wikipedia

Here's another natural phenomenon that has to do with the ice crystals in the atmosphere. Like fire rainbows, sun-dogs are massive halos in the sky as a result of light refraction, although in this case they actually appear to encircle the sun.

4. Brinicle

    Image credit: BBC

When the surface of the sea freezes such as around the north and south poles it freezes in such a way that it forces pockets of freezing and salty seawater to gather underside the ice.

5. Volcanic Lightning 

    Image credit:

Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like, a lightning storm that's taking place in the middle of a volcanic eruption.

6. Penitentes

    Image credit: Wikipedia

The sun's rays are so strong that they can actually sublimate fields of snow if the conditions are right - meaning that the frozen water vaporizes without even becoming a liquid.

7. Supercell

    Image credit: Image by David Mark from Pixabay

A super-cell is basically a stronger, more tornado-enabled version of a regular cell, because super-cells tend to spin around a lot, but also because super-cells can actually create tornadoes.

8. Basalt Columns 

    Image credit: Image by Cylon31 from Pixabay

The unique formation is a result of the cracking of lave flows as they cool, in a direction perpendicular to the original flow.

9. Frost Flower 

                            Image Credit:  Slomoz

These are the buildups of ice particles around the base of certain plants and types of wood.

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