10 Symptoms Of Having a Partner Obsessed With Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency

01: I bought these flowers with Bitcoin! 

We get it. Unless a product. It can be purchased with Bitcoin (which, thankfully, almost everything can now), is not worth acquiring. It is not really so much about what you purchased, but how.

02: Every harmless dinner conversation will eventually end in discussing Bitcoin.

“How is your chicken?” “China just banned Bitcoin again! And the talks between Russia and China-leaving out the US! Boy are people gonna be sorry for not believing in Bitcoin.” It really does happen that fast.

03 Bitcoin is the answer to everything.

It would truly be if it could. pay for rent, but our landlord doesn't seem to agree.

04 The Bitcoin price is the first thing to be checked in the morning.It really goes with the same motion of turning off the alarm.

05 Don't even ask if he/she should sell a few bitcoins.

“Because the price will spike! And then you're gonna be crying and asking for forgiveness for this very, very silly idea.”

06 Explaining to friends what your partner has been up to makes it sound like he/she just joined a cult.

“Who is their leader again? That Japanese guy from the Newsweek article?”

07 Don't ask why Dogecoin won't be the future but Bitcoin will.

“Regardless of how cute that Shiba may be, it just won't, okay?”

08 Hiding behind the menu when your partner asks the waiter if they accept Bitcoin.

and then quietly eating your dinner alone while your partner explains to the waiter what Bitcoin is.

09 The list of places you may hang out at ultimately depends on whether or not they accept Bitcoin.

Their pizza may not be the best, but apparently scanning a QR code after you've choked it down makes it all worth it.

10 No I will not remember your password.

Just write it down somewhere or make a paper wallet. I'm going to have to find somebody to unlock it after you die anyway.

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