Worlds Biggest Economic Bubbles

1. The Entire Cryptocurrency Market 

    Cryptocurrencies by Market Capitalization $1.714T

    Date as of  29, 2022

2. Gold Market Cap: $11.384T

    The World's Gold

    The value of all the gold in the world is estimated to be $11.384T

3. Stock Markets: $133.903T

    Global Stock Markets

    The world's bourses have recovered nicely since the Great Recession, posting a combined total value of $133.903T

4. All the Money in the World: $144.129T

    Physical Money $40.0T, USD in Circulation: $2.107T

Global Money Supply

    Over half of the world's money exists electronically in deposits at various banks and institutions. 

5. Global Debt: $226T | US National Debt $28.43T

    The World's Debt

    The largest single type of market is debt, which consists of everything from the national debt. municipal bonds, mortgages, and student loans.

6. Real Estate $326.5T

    Global Real Estate Market

    The vast majority of value in the global real estate market is in the form of houses and apartments. Commercial properties and farms comprise a total of only ~25% of the real estate market.

7. The Derivative Market $610T

    The Derivative Market

    A derivatives market is a financial security with a value that is reliant upon or derived from an underlying asset or group of assets. The derivative itself is a contract between two or more parties based upon the asset or assets.

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